Manufacturer of machined parts in Zaragoza.

The company was established in 1987 with the aim to fabricate high-quality machined pieces providing solutions to different kind of customers. Since then, our company produces machined components for several sectors: lift-elevation, automotive, electricity, climate control, railway, graphic arts machinery, dyes and moulding.

As part of our compromise with education and development, we participate in European projects and are in close collaboration with the Engineering College of the University of Zaragoza.

We are perfectly familiar with the business profile of all our customers and our business philosophy is based upon quality and customized service. Furthermore, we invest heavily in equipment and manpower to obtain the highest quality in every piece. The organization of the company is distributed in three departments: ADMINISTRATION and MANAGEMENT, TECHNICAL-QUALITY and PRODUCTION.

Our wide experience in machining and our commitment with the principles of continuous improvement and total quality have enabled us to reach the objectives required by our customers and the global market.








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Our main difference is that we develop tailor-made products and since our company started until today, our focus has always been to deliver innovative, suitable and effective solutions to solve customer needs, guaranteeing at the same time fully compliment with all the specifications and features of pieces and sets.